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Our country’s history has been shaped by many movements but perhaps one of the most significant is that of the Civil Rights. Our carefully designed program traces the history of the Civil Rights movement, beginning with the 1955 arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat at the front of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Visit the major sites of the movement—from Jackson, Mississippi where Medgar Evers was killed outside his home - to the heart of the Mississippi Delta where Emmett Till was murdered. At the Little Rock High School meet with Elizabeth Eckford, who will graciously share her story of quiet courage. In Memphis our path takes us to the balcony that Martin Luther King last stood on before heading to Birmingham and the 16th Street Baptist Church where four young girls were killed after a bomb went off. In Selma, meet foot soldier, Annie Pearl, and ending in Montgomery we can see the important work that the staff at the Equal Justice Initiative are doing. Framed within the civil rights story are the histories of the music and cuisine of the South. Some of the most powerful and inspired creations of both Southern sound and cuisine were born out of hardship, and today they continue to evolve as new populations, ingredients, and instruments influence regional culture.

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