October 18 - October 27, 2022 | From $6,995.00



Go back in time to the Paleolithic era and explore the life of our ancient ancestors. As you travel from Southwest France to Northern Spain, view cave paintings and carvings from the Ice Age that illustrate early man`s struggle and determination to survive. These drawings, done in colors of red, ochre, yellow, black, and white are vivid and bold, and infused with a vivacity that seems to leap off the walls. When standing before these ancient masterpieces, one can almost see the herds of aurochs lumbering through the countryside or the rearing of a stallion.

View artifacts from both Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals on a guided tour of the National Museum of Prehistory. Local experts illuminate the trials and tribulations of our ancient ancestors during visits to Rouffignac, Font de Gaume, Oxocelhaya, and Puenta Viesgo caves among others. Examine, up-close, stunning works of art spread across the walls and ceilings of these unique cave systems as the Ice Age comes to life around you. Embark on a private, behind-the-scenes tour of Lascaux IV, a replica of one of the most famous cave systems in the world and enjoy a prehistoric lunch prepared with ingredients used by Neanderthals. Visit Atapuerca, the site where the oldest known hominin fossil has been unearthed and see large scale naturalistic animal engravings at Hornos de la Peña. This program explores the origins of humankind in intimate detail.