March 21 - April 2, 2021 | From $990.00



Join fellow alumni, family and friends for two weeks of virtual immersion in Italy. Experience a treasure trove of intellectually stimulating experiences exploring Renaissance to modern Italy, highlighting culture, art, music, politics, and more. The online immersion format of this program offers daily live afternoon lectures (excluding weekends) accompanied by lively question and answer sessions. Our format will provide ample opportunity to engage with experts and peers, informed by suggested readings, music, and films. Lectures will begin at 3pm Eastern via Zoom. Time may be subject to change, program needs depending.

Benvenuto! Learn to speak Italian. Beginner and Intermediate Sessions
Interested in brushing up on your Italian? Further enhance your immersive experience by adding an Italian language course co-sponsored by the Yale Center for Language Study. You'll join a small group of alumni students for four weeks of Italian. Meetings will be held in the morning, three times weekly for two hours per session. The focus will be on conversational Italian with themes that complement the immersion program and prepare you for a future visit to Italy. Italian language study dates: March 15-April 10, 2021. Course Fee: $395 per person (in addition to the main program registration fee). Any participants interested in the language program should contact us at

A sampling of additional topics you’ll explore:

  • Delve into the Renaissance with art historian Elaine Ruffolo.
  • Explore the Medici’s enduring legacy, their patronage of the arts, where artists such as Brunelleschi and Michelangelo all thrived under the family’s patronage.
  • Learn how Leonardo created his masterpiece, The Last Supper
  • Discover the hidden layers of Niccolo Machiavelli with the book Machiavelli: Philosopher of Power: a 2-part study with NY Times bestselling author Ross King.
  • Join professors Mary Ann Carolan and Craig Wright as they explore two of the most beloved aspects of Italian culture—design and music. With her talk “Made in Italy”, Professor Carolan will share the ingenuity of Italian design.
  • Music historian Craig Wright will lead a conversation about Italy as the birthplace of music of the Western Church, the symphony and concerto, as well as the ballet and opera.
  • Prize winning author and economic historian Professor Adam Tooze brings us into modern times, offering his perspective on the economic and political problems facing 21st-century Italy.

This program has been specially designed for Yale Alumni Academy, and we invite you to enjoy the privilege of a bespoke classroom experience with excellent Yale faculty and guest lecturers.