September 21 - October 1, 2022 | From $8,990.00



Our program begins with one hotel night in Istanbul before boarding the luxurious 59-cabin Island Sky for an eight-night cruise along the Turkish coast. In some ports of call, enjoy excursion options that cater to various interests. Visiting stunning ancient sites reflecting remnants of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine civilizations. Along the way, explore the rich biblical history of the region, including sites made famous from St. Paul’s missionary journeys from around 44 A.D. to 60 A.D. After witnessing some of the magnificent sites of Istanbul, walk among the incredible archaeological ruins of Troy, associated with the sagas of the Trojan War. Explore Ephesus, where more than 150 years of excavating have revealed broad streets, impressive buildings, intricate mosaics, towering temples, and possibly the largest theater in the ancient world. In Didyma, discover the famed oracle and witness the wonderfully preserved temples dedicated to the twins Apollo and Artemis. Marvel at the beauty of the rich Lycian town of Xanthos, built on a great cliff overlooking a river and boasting several significant ruins including the Nereid Monument, whose figure friezes are in the British Museum. Walk through the narrow streets with typical stone and wooden built houses of the spiritual town of Tarsus, the birthplace of St Paul, and visit the fantastic Tarsus Museum.